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Farm fresh, farm to table, locally grown: these are labels we see at some restaurants. How do customers know exactly which foods are farm fresh or farm to table, though?

Welcome to Zack’s.

Zack’s was opened by Zack Blose and his brothers a little over three years ago. Originally a pizza shop, Zack’s is now a farm to table restaurant serving everything from wings and burgers to Cremini stuffed mushrooms and surf and turf.

Wait a minute. There’s that farm fresh label again. So how is Zack’s different?

Chef Zack makes each dish from scratch, and ninety percent of all the ingredients used at Zack’s come from local farms and businesses. At the end of the menu, a list of farms and their descriptions allows customers to get to know the farmers and their products. In fact, the beginning pages of the menu are categorized by a major farm and the dishes their products help to create: the heading “Clarion Farms Beef” introduces burgers, brisket, and steaks, whereas “Gruber Farms Pasture Raised Meats” heads the options with chicken or pork. Chef Zack uses products from thirteen listed local farms including Clarion’s hidden gem, Sam Hill Coffee Co.

That’s because Zack’s doesn’t settle for the typical cup of morning coffee. Here, you can order specialty coffees and teas. Enjoy a piping hot macchiato or a cold brew coffee; loose leaf teas and smoothies are also available. Zack’s is the only specialty coffee place in New Bethlehem, so treat yourself to a cup and a homemade dessert.

Baked by Aunt Dana, the desserts are made fresh each day. A sample platter, cheesecake, crème brûlée, and more are all offered on the menu. If you have a custom order, call and make the request. Pies, cookies, cakes and cobblers: she can do almost anything.

In fact, Zack’s motto is that he does it all: entrées made from scratch with farm to table ingredients, homemade desserts, specialty coffees, and the restaurant is BYOB. If that’s not enough, Zack’s has available a private event space, event catering, and custom desserts.

You can also look for Zack’s at Mechanistic Brewing Co. located in Clarion, PA. Zack’s is featured there some weekends as the food vendor for the evening and he almost always sells out! Check out the post about Mechanistic Brewing Co. to learn more about that great spot.

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