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Mechanistic Brewing Co.

Have you ever wanted to sit and relax in a refurbished garage come brewery? I can’t say that I ever have either. But that is exactly what Mechanistic Brewing Co. is. George and Chelsea Alexander remodeled the old garage, created the business from the ground up, and now Mechanistic Brewing Co. is the place to go in town.

Now open Friday and Saturday, during their summer hours, people can sit inside at the bar or the tables lining the wall. On warm evenings, the large, glass garage door is opened up and customers can venture outside to the picnic tables. It has a family picnic feel out there because the tables are cute and clean, and it’s easy to gather in groups. Not to mention, the umbrellas are perfect to shade you from the sun.

In and about the same area, you can find lawn games like cornhole and even sidewalk chalk for the kids. Mechanistic Brewing is family friendly, kid friendly, and pet friendly (as long as animals are kept outside on a leash).

You will also find a tent outside from under which food is served. Friday and Saturday, you can expect a local business to cater a meal for the night. A wonderful way to bring attention to our other locally owned restaurants, businesses, and farms, Mechanistic Brewing has featured a different business every Friday and Saturday with only a few repetitions since opening. The menu for the nights can be found on Mechanistic Brewing Co.’s official website and Facebook and Instagram pages.

Now, I’ve told you all about the building and food, but what about the beer, you ask?

Mechanistic Brewing Co. features six craft beers, one kombucha, and two arsenal ciders. They also carry Karamoor Estate and Yori Wine Cellars wines. But for beer drinkers, be forewarned: never expect the brews to be the same. George Alexander, a geochemist and environmental engineer, loves to play with water types and flavorings. As a result, customers are served a variety of wonderful, creative craft beers and ciders whose flavors differ from week to week. Popular creations may remain a couple of weeks, whereas brews that don’t elicit “Oohs” and “Ahhs” may disappear within the evening. A beer that doesn’t taste just right is better tried and dumped out than left forever undrunk.

We’ll let you decide what should stay and what should go. Visit Mechanistic Brewing Co., located on the corner of 6th Avenue and Liberty Street, and have a glass of beer or cider served in a Mechanistic Brewing Co. wine glass. If you want to try a variety of flavors, opt to purchase a flight of beer and cider and be served each in a genuine 100 milliliter beaker - just another one of the fun quirks you’ll find here!

Photos taken by Eliza Greenawalt

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