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Kayaking on the Clarion River

Dodging rocks and shallows or drifting at the river's own sedate pace, the Clarion River can be enjoyed either way. A day spent on the Clarion River will show you the magical, wooded scenery that will make you want to stay a little bit longer.

The Pale Whale Canoe Fleet, located in Cooksburg, PA, a simple 16 miles from Clarion, offers a number of packages for those looking to spend a few hours on the river.

Whether you decide to travel 4 miles or 10 downstream in a kayak, canoe, tube, or river raft, the staff at the Pale Whale will transport you and your chosen mode of river transportation to the designated starting points.

Have your own equipment? The Pale Whale offers parking and transportation for you and your equipment for half the price of what a purchase of the same package would normally be. Don't let the hassle of parking and the stress of retrieving your car stop you from enjoying time on the water.

Bring a cooler to curve your hunger while on the river or stop at the Cooksburg Café once you return your kayak. Ice creams, burgers, and sandwiches are just some of the choices that can help satisfy that craving, not to mention beverages that can help quench the thirst brought on by adventure.

For more information about the Pale Whale's pricing, restrictions, and updated river conditions, please visit We hope to see you there!

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